Maintaining the traditional dance of the Southern Appalachian Mountains

2018 Folk Festival Results
AlumniThe Smokehouse Appalachian FreestyleFreestyle Team Award
AlumniFreestyle1st Place
AlumniSmooth1st Place
GoldRiverdance1st Place
GoldFreestyle2nd Place
GoldSmooth2nd Place
SilverPrecision1st Place
SilverSmooth1st Place
SilverFreestyle2nd Place
BronzeSmooth2nd Place
BronzeFreestyle3rd Place
PyriteSmooth2nd Place
PyriteFreestyleHonorable Mention
DuetLyndsey and Cecily3rd Place
Individual Awards
Age 2-6Emma Underwood3rd Place
Age 19-29Sarah Chetty1st Place
Age 19-29Rachel HarrisHonorable Mention
Age 12-18Cooper Dalton2nd Place
Age 12-18Samuel DickersonHonorable Mention
Age 19-29Adam Dalton1st Place
Age 19-29John Lyle2nd Place
Age 19-29Dalten Vaughn3rd Place

Adam Dalton
1st Place

Emma Underwood
3rd Place

Lyndsey and Cecily
1st Place